Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 14 (1999)

更新日: 1999/12/20

  • Articles 
  • Old English feormin Legal Materials
    Hiizu Moriyama (pp. 1-26)
  • Alliterative Devices in the Poems of the PearlManuscript
    Yasuyo Moriya(pp. 27-49)
  • The Ashmole Sir Ferumbras(c. 1380) and Final E
    Masa Ikegami (pp. 51-75)
  • On the Sequence ‘þæt …preposition’ in Old English Prose
    Shoko Muraosa (pp. 77-93)
  • Research Note
  • Punctuation System and Syntactic Problems in Wulfstan’s Manuscript Texts
    Takako Fujii (pp. 95-101)
  • Book Reviews
  • Koichi Jin: Aspects of English Syntax and Style
    Tadakatsu Miyazaki (pp. 103-19)
  • Takami Matsuda: Death and Purgatory in Middle English Didactic Poetry
    Kiyoaki Kikuchi (pp. 121-32)
  • Derek Brewer and Jonathan Gibson (eds.): A Companion to theGawain-Poet
    Setsuko Haruta (pp. 133-38)
  • Ralph Hanna III: Pursiuing History: Middle English Manuscripts and their Texts
    Mayumi Taguchi (pp. 139-46)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings in 1998
    The Matsunami Prize for 1998, 1999: Selection and Comment
    Books Received
    Contribution Rules