Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 19 (2004)

更新日: 2004/12/20

  • Articles
  • Developments in the Category Adjective from Old to Middle English.
    Olga FISCHER (pp. 1-36)
  • The Text of Chaucer’s Parson’s Tale in Bodleian Library MS Arch. Selden B. 14: A Comparison of the Variants with BL MS Lansdowne 851
    Shuichi AITA (pp. 37-49)
  • Book Reviews
  • Andy Orchard, A Critical Companion to Beowulf (D. S. Brewer, 2003)
    Tsunenori KARIBE (pp. 51-58)
  • R. D. Fulk and Christopher M. Cain, A History of Old English Literature (Blackwell Publishers Ltd., 2003)
    Tadakatsu MIYAZAKI (pp. 59-68)
  • Richard Hogg, An Introduction to Old English (Edinburgh University Press, 2002)
    Takako JUJII (pp. 69-76)
  • Elaine Treharne, ed., Writing Gender and Genre in Medieval Literature: Approaches to Old and Middle English Texts (D. S. Brewer, 2002)
    Keiko HAMAGUCHI (pp. 77-84)
  • Teresa Fanego, Maria Jose Lopez-Couso, Javier Perez-Guerra, eds., English Historical Syntax and Morphology: Selected Papers from 11 ICEHL, Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 September 2000 (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2002)
    Harumi TANABE (pp. 85-92)
  • Lotte Hellinga and J. B. Trapp, eds., The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, VOLUME III: 1400-1557 (Cambridge University Press, 1999)
    Toshiyuki TAKAMIYA (pp. 93-99)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings in 2003
    Matsunami Prize for 2003: Selection and Comment
    Suggestions for Future Contributions
    Books Received April 2003‐March 2004