Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 25 (2010)

更新日: 2010/12/20

  • Articles
  • Chaucer’s Language: ‘Subjectivisation’ and ‘Expanding Semantics’
    Yoshiyuki NAKAO (pp. 1-41)
  • Tit for Tat: Symkyn’s Wymmen as Instruments of the Reeve’s Revenge
    Dylan Jones (pp. 43-60)
  • Book Reviews
  • Cynthia L. Allen, Genitives in Early English: Topology and Evidence (Oxford: Oxford University press, 2008)
    John SCAHILL (pp. 61-67)
  • Scott Gwara, Heroic Identity in the World of Beowulf, Medieval and Renaissance Authors and Texts 2 (Leiden: Brill, 2008)
    Kazutomo KARASAWA (pp. 69-80)
  • Kawasaki Masatoshi, Chosa-no shigaku: Chusei yoroppa-no sono sozo (Tokyo: Kaibunsha, 2008)
    Hisayuki SASAMOTO (pp. 81-94)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings in 2009 (pp. 113-135)
    Suggestions for Future Contributions (p. 137)
    Books Received April 2009-March 2010 (pp. 138-139)