Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 36 (2021)

更新日: 2021/09/24

  • Articles
  • Reinventing Old Testament Prophecies: Method and Style in Ælfric’s De Natale Domini
    Hiroshi OGAWA (pp. 1-14)
  • [Matsunami Prize for 2021]
  • Reinstalling Clerical Authority, Juridical and Didactic: The Unique Rearrangements of Book II of Peter Idley’s Instructions to his Son in London, British Library, Arundel MS 20
    Yoshinobu KUDO (pp. 15-52)
  • Book Reviews
  • K. S. Whetter, The Manuscript and Meaning of Malory’s Morte Darthur: Rubrication, Commemoration, Memorialization (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2017)
    Tsuyoshi MUKAI (pp. 53-58)
  • E. A. Jones, Hermits and Anchorites in England, 1200-1550 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2019)
    Yoko WADA (pp. 59-64)
  • Glenn D. Burger and Holly A. Crocker, eds. Medieval Affect, Feeling, and Emotion (Cambridge University Press, 2019)
    Hisashi SUGITO (pp. 65-68)
  • Richard North and Michael D. J. Bintley, eds. Andreas: An Edition (Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies) (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2016)
    Yasuharu ETO (pp. 69-84)
  • Mary C. Flannery, Practising Shame: Female Honour in Later Medieval England (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2019)
    Keiko HAMAGUCHI (pp. 85-94)
  • D. Vance Smith, Arts of Dying: Literature and Finitude in Medieval England (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2020)
    Yoshihiro WAJIMOTO (pp. 95-104)
  • Michael J. Warren, Birds in Medieval English Poetry: Metaphors, Realities, and Transformations (Cambridge & Rochester, NY: D. S. Brewer, 2018)
    Dylan JONES (pp. 105-122)
  • Takami Matsuda, Choosaa Kantaberii monogatari: Janru wo meguru bouken [Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: An Adventure across Genres] (Tokyo: Keio University Press, 2019)
    Yoshinobu KUDO (pp. 123-128)
  • Tim William Machan, ed. Imagining Medieval English: Language Structures and Theories, 500-1500 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016)
    Kousuke KAITA (pp. 129-134)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings in 2020 (pp. 135-143)
    Suggestions for Future Contributions (p. 144)
    Books Received, April 2020-March 2021 (p. 146)