Online Workshop 2021 ‘Word-Formation in Medieval English’

更新日: 2021/07/22

Online Workshop 2021  ‘Word-Formation in Medieval English’


The Japan Society for Medieval English Studies is delighted to hold a Zoom online workshop. This workshop will invite Prof. Dr. Hans Sauer, University of Munich, and he will give an introductory talk and a lecture on a linguistic topic relevant to both Old and Middle English. In addition, three Japanese members will read their papers, as a basis for further discussion on the topic.

Date and Time: 18 September, Saturday, 2021 
3:00 pm – 6:45 pm, Japan time (8:00 am – 11:45 am, Munich time)


1. Greeting 10 minutes(15:00−15:10)

2. Introduction                          Prof. Dr. Hans Sauer      20 minutes (15:10−15:30)
“Word-Formation in Old and Middle English”

3. Paper presentations    20 minutes × 3 presenters (15:30−16:30)

“Old English forhātan and its Polysemisation in Middle English”
Kousuke Kaita (Associate Professor, Meiji University)

“The Negative Connotation of the Prefix be– in Late Old English”
Shota Kiuchi, (Graduate School, Keio University)

“Investigation of in-/un– Variation from the Middle English Period to Present-Day English”
Akira Okada (Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology, Oyama College)

4. Q&A (16:30−17:00)

5. Break(17:00−17:15)

6. Lecture                                 Prof. Dr. Hans Sauer (17:15−18:15)
“Old English Word-Formation as Attested in the Épinal-Erfurt Glossary and its Further Development”

7. Q&A, Discussion (18:15−18:45)

Basic Idea for Workshop:
This workshop includes a lecture, as it is intended to offer an opportunity for members to learn about the topic. It also aims at intensive discussion not only between the lecturer and paper presenters, but also involving all the participants.

Members of the Japan Society for Medieval English Studies and those who are interested in the topic are most cordially welcome. Pre-registration is required, but the number of participants is unlimited. The notice of pre-registration will be given at the beginning of August through the mailing list. We expect many participants will join us.

Prof. Harumi Tanabe, Seikei University, Tokyo             tanabe[at]
Dr. Ryuichi Hotta, Keio University, Tokyo                    rhotta[at]
Dr. Kousuke Kaita, Meiji University, Tokyo                  kaita[at]

Contact Person:
Dr. Ryuichi Hotta, Keio University, Tokyo                    rhotta[at]