更新日: 2020/10/20



1. 開催方法:リモート形式の研究助成セミナー(詳細は下記の開催要領をご覧下さい)

2. 開催期間:12月上旬~中旬(開催日は下記の開催要領をご覧下さい)

3. タイトル:Romance in medieval England

4. 講師:Jordi Sánchez-Martí先生(University of Alicante)

5. 概要:

Romance was the most popular genre of secular literature in late medieval England and probably the most longevous one too. Composed since the second half of the twelfth century, medieval romances circulated in England until the very end of the sixteenth century, when English printers were exploiting the genre for commercial purposes. In order to survive for well over four centuries, the genre had to evolve and adapt to changing socio-historical circumstances, and did so successfully since romance continued to captivate English audiences from all walks of life. For instance, the first English romances were written not in English but in Anglo-Norman and were intended for upper class readers, as evinced by the luxurious manuscript record. Many of those texts were later translated and adapted for English audiences of a more diverse social makeup. The codicological evidence available provides testimony of the wide social appeal romances had among English-speaking audiences, with de luxe productions, like the Auchinleck manuscript, and more humble ones, as the ones contained in commonplace books. Finally, the advent of the printing press provides one further example of the genre’s protean nature: whereas most English medieval texts had limited, if any, printed circulation, romances thrived in the medium of print. Furthermore, the first work to be printed in the English language happened to be a romance.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce postgraduates and young scholars to the richness of this exciting literary corpus and share with them some of the research possibilities this field has to offer.

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