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研究助成委員会長 福田一貴


1. 開催方法:リモート形式の研究助成セミナー (詳細は8.をご覧ください)

2. 開催期間:12月1日~12月14日(オンライン動画の公開期間)

3. タイトル:The Haunting of Heorot

4. 講師:Francis Leneghan先生(University of Oxford)

5. 概要:

Investigations into the background of Beowulf’s first two monster-fights remain largely confined to the comparative study of folktales, myths and legends preserved in Scandinavian, Germanic and Celtic sources. This is understandable given the general agreement that the fights with Grendel and Grendel’s mother are variants on the folktale-type known as the ‘Bear’s Son Tale’ or the ‘Two Trolls Tale’, in which a hero typically fights an ogre and ogress in two settings, first a barn or hall, second under or near water. Yet the discovery that hagiographical motifs lie behind elements of the dragon-fight should encourage the search for similar contexts for the fights with the Grendelkin.

This paper presents a new hagiographical parallel to what I will call ‘the haunting of Heorot’ in a miracle-tale in Gregory the Great’s Dialogues. Although modern scholars have struggled to take the Dialogues seriously, questioning its authenticity and the purpose of its miracle-tales, the work proved immensely popular in the early Middle Ages and it was well-known to the English from an early date. Setting Beowulf’s fight in Heorot within this new hagiographical context may shed further light on how the Beowulf-poet adapted folkloric and legendary sources to suit the tastes of his Christian audience.

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