更新日: 2022/09/22


研究助成委員会長 ブルックス・ブリットン・エリオット

Every year the Research Grant Committee holds a seminar for young researchers of JSMES. Given the current state of the COVID pandemic, and the choice to hold our upcoming conference virtually, the Committee has decided to hold the 2022 seminar virtually as well. This will be similar to last year’s seminar, which was given by Associate Professor Francis Leneghan of Oxford University.

1. 開催方法:オンライン 形式の研究助成セミナー

2. 日時:12月2日(金), 18:00–20:00(Live online via Zoom)

3. タイトル: Fontes Anglo-Saxonici and the Future of Source Study

4. 講師:Christine Rauer 先生(University of St Andrews)

Christine Rauer is a Reader in Medieval Literature at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. She has published on the literary history of Anglo-Saxon England, particularly on Beowulf, hagiography, and martyrologies; her edition of the Old English Martyrology was published in 2013. Currently, she is working on a literary history of Mercia, and is also the General Editor of the refurbished Fontes Anglo-Saxonici database of written sources.

5. 概要:The re-publication of the Fontes Anglo-Saxonici database of written sources in 2021 provides an excellent opportunity to reassess how its data can contribute to the discipline of source study. How will future generations of medievalists benefit from its data, and how can they contribute to the database? This paper will outline a vision for future research on intertextual relationships and make some suggestions aimed at the younger generation of researchers.

6. 参加申し込み: If you wish to participate, please use the link below.
(イ) 締め切り:11月13日(日)

7.定員:オンライン開催のため制限は設けません. The Seminar will be recorded and will be made accessible to members who cannot attend on the day. This video will be accessible for 3 weeks after the conference.

研究助成委員長 ブルックス・ブリットン・エリオット (e-mail: brooks[AT]