Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 1 (1986)

更新日: 1986/12/20

  • Foreword
  • On the Inauguration of the Japan Society for medieval English Studies (in Japanese)
    Tamotsu Matsunami (pp. i-ii)
  • Presidential Address
  • From Alliterative Verse to Rhymed Verse (in Japanese)
    Tamotsu Matsunami (pp. 1-38)
  • Articles
  • On the Sense Development of the Verb of Existence in Old English (in Japanese)
    Jin Koichi (pp.39-51)
  • Orthography and Dialect in Cambridge University Library MS Ii. 1.33
    William Shipper (pp. 53-65)
  • John Purvey’s Version of the Wycliffite Bible — A Reconsideration of His Translation Method —
    Hiroshi Yonekura (pp. 67-91)
  • On Chaucer’s Boece — with Special Reference to ‘gentilesse’ (in Japanese)
    Mana Ono (pp. 93-105)
  • Reconsideration on Piers the Plowman; Petrus, id est, Christus reconsidered (in Japanese)
    Tomoko Saito (pp. 107-121)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings, 1985