Liliana Sikorska教授講演会のご案内

更新日: 2019/06/26


Liliana Sikorska教授講演会のご案内


来る2019年9月11日(水)に、Adam Mickiewicz大学 (Poland) のLiliana Sikorska教授の講演会を同志社大学の共催を得て開催致します。お知り合いや学生をお誘い合わせのうえ、お越しくださいますようご案内申し上げます。なお、当日参加も大歓迎ですが、おおよその出席者数の把握のため、ご出席希望の方はこちらよりお知らせください(9月8日(日)締め切り)。

日  時:2019年9月11日(水) 午後1時から午後2時30分
場  所:同志社大学 今出川キャンパス 良心館4階 RY410教室
講演題目: “The Animal and the Human in Middle English Romances”
茶 話 会:講演会終了後、同志社大学内または近辺にて。会費はご自分の飲食代。


Medieval social hierarchies, imposing strict separation of the human and the animal sphere codified in the biblical precept of Man taking dominion over the world, are well attested facts in contemporary scholarship and so is the presence of animals in medieval literature and manuscript illustrations. The medieval fascination with natura mirante, however, shows the fusion of the human and the animal, as well as the confluence of the fabulous and the ordinary. Shape-shifters and changelings are the creature occupying the liminal space between the godly and the un-godly beings, showing the never-ending strife between nature and nurture; what is more, they testify to the permeability of the human and the animal world. The present paper discusses three instances of such beings in the medieval romances of Valentine and Orson, William of Palerne and Sir Gowther. Each of the romances selected contributes to our understanding of the use of the supernatural in medieval literature and the position of animals in the human world.

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