Studies in Medieval English Language and Literature No. 34 (2019)

更新日: 2020/01/10

  • Articles
  • Retrieving Own Voice: The Autobiographical Narrative of the Wife of Bath
    Satomi HAMADA (pp. 1-19)
  • Book Reviews
  • Harumi Tanabe and John Scahill eds., with Shoko Ono, Keiko Ikegami, Satoko Shimazaki and Koichi Kano, Sawles Warde and the Wooing Group: Parallel Texts with Notes and Wordlists (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2015)
    Reiko CHIBA (pp. 20-28)
  • Keith Johnson, The History of Early English: An Activity-based Approach (Abingdon: Routledge, 2016)
    Yoko IYEIRI (pp. 29-34)
  • Matsuji Tajima, Studies in Middle English (Tokyo: Nanʼun-do, 2016)
    Yasuyo MORIYA (pp. 35-45)
  • Leonard Neidorf, The Transmission of Beowulf: Language, Culture, and Scribal Behavior (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2017)
    Jun TERASAWA (pp. 47-51)
  • Jaclyn Rajsic, Erik Kooper, and Dominique Hoche, eds., The Prose Brut and Other Late Medieval Chronicles: Books Have their Histories: Essays in Honour of Lister M. Matheson (Manuscript Culture in the British Isles) (Woodbridge: York Medieval Press, 2016)
    Hiroki OKAMOTO (pp. 53-58)
  • Synopses of the Papers Read at the General and Divisional Meetings in 2018 (pp. 59-77)
    Suggestions for Future Contributions (p. 78)
    Books Received April 2018-March 2019 (p. 80)